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+ Consulting
New Systems Design and Implementation
We can help and project manage every aspect of becoming registered to any of the ISO series of Management System Standards. If interested, we can send you a detailed outline on our approach to systems design.

Our current list of ISO Management Systems includes:

ISO 9001 Quality
ISO 14001 Environment
ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety
ISO 22301 Business Continuity
ISO 27001 Information Security
AS 9100 Aerospace Quality

System Integration
We can help your organization blend the different management systems and manuals for managing quality, health and safety, environment and information security into one seamless system, which results in greater efficiency and effectiveness and more importantly, reduced costs.

Gap Analysis
Using our professionalism, experience and objectivity, we can help your company evaluate its systems prior to a Registration Audit or an audit from a potential new client. We check your systems, finding ways to improve them.

System Simplification and Automation
Systems tend to become more complex as they mature. This often leads to excess processes or redundant activities which are really not needed; we also provide technological solutions that can help to automate and simplify systems.

System Support
Many companies are just too busy today to effectively manage and get the best use from their Management Systems. Simply put, business pressures can force staff reductions or staff are too busy with their core work, and if Quality suffers because of this, as we have seen, the results can be devastating. Our expert Internal Audit service and outsourced Quality System Coordination services are available to help you to fill in for a vacancy or to provide ongoing and expert support as needed.

System Administration
Our personnel are available to help run your Quality Management System for you, or provide your staff with assistance if they become overloaded. This can include taking over some or all of your normal administrative activities or we can act in a consulting capacity to help continually improve your Quality Management System and operations.

+ Auditing
Internal audits are a fact of life - a requirement of your ISO management system. Performing them properly takes expertise, experience and a significant amount of management and staff time. This can be a challenge given the daily stress felt by employees in the workplace and the turnover of trained audit staff between infrequent audits.

Let us handle it so that you can focus on the business. We can manage and conduct your internal audits for you with our trained auditing professionals. Audits are conducted on time, reports are produced without delay and follow up audits are conducted efficiently. As certified ISO auditors, we ensure that you get the maximum value from your audit process, normally resulting in the identification of risks or small problems, which can be dealt with before they can become large and costly problems.

Improve productivity and ensure objectivity
Think of the gained productivity you could have by freeing your staff from the audit team and their relief of not having to deal with peer group pressure and conflicts. Since we are not part of your organization we can be truly objective. We dig deep to ensure you are truly getting the benefits of the quality process. Our internal audit is not just about compliance or conformance; it’s about process enhancement and optimization that will improve your profitability and benefit your clients.

You get two audits in one!
While we audit your performance relative to your ISO manual, we also “audit” the overall process relative to our broad experience of multi-industry benchmarks and trends. You benefit from this insight through our recommendations of alternative ideas, which could increase efficiencies within your firm. Also, think of the numerous opportunities to receive help and guidance at no cost from our seasoned certified lead auditors. It is like having your own quality management expert on site!

Let us save you time and money!

+ Internal Auditor Training
Unique 2 phase approach to onsite training of internal auditors is considered the best by industry specialists.

Phase One:

Classroom teaching
Working in your facility, we begin the process by reviewing the basis for the relevant management systems: the ISO standard and selections from the ISO 19011 guideline. Activities include training on the best approach for all aspects of audit planning and interviewing. We provide a detailed manual of all of the presentation materials used so that students can focus on content and not note taking. This approach engages students and involves quizzes and exercises to help reinforce the concepts being taught.

Phase Two:

It’s time to put that learning into practice! We conduct practice audits in your facility, using your audit materials and your operational procedures. We put the principals learned into practice with direct coaching and post audit reviews to reinforce best practices.

This approach ensures that your staff receive all the hands-on training and support they need to gain confidence in the auditing process, and to quickly and efficiently become proficient at conducting audits. This ‘hands on’ approach is found to be very effective and can be used for individuals or for groups of up to 12 people.

Executive Overviews
In conjunction with our training programme, we can customize an executive training overview for your upper management so that everyone in the organization is fully briefed on the requirements for maintaining ISO Certification.