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Our experience speaks for itself. Please review the following testimonials from our clients, as well as a short list of some of the 600 clients we've had the pleasure of working with.

Sector: Pipeline and infrastructure construction services

Robert B. Somerville has engaged Niall in the development and implementation of our Quality Management System, in order to develop a process that provides our Clients a focused, creative and effective approach to our Service Offerings. Niall has contributed a wealth of experience and insight that has allowed us to continually improve and advance our Organization within the Pipeline and Utility Sector. I would personally recommend Niall to any Organization that puts Quality first.

Gord Butson
General Manager - Robert B. Somerville Co. Limited
Sector: Pipeline company – liquids and gas

Niall is the best consultant that I’ve met, He has pipeline contractors as clients, and he understands their point of view.  You will be well served by his time spent with your company. You will be in good hands with him and you will get great value from any time you spend with Niall in the area of Continual Improvement. He is likely the best quality consultant you can find in Canada or the U.S.

Quality Manager - Construction
Sector: Pipeline company – liquids and gas

Niall has been working with me for almost 5 years. He is sharp, and he is very focused on creating value with Quality Management Systems, not just spinning wheels and billing clients. I trust him. If you hire him, he will do what needs to be done at a fair price, and when he’s done, you’ll be pleased that you hired him and not someone else. He’s been doing this for a long time, and is familiar with the pipeline industry.

Manager, Quality and Compliance – Transcanada Inc  www.transcanada.com
Sector: Pipeline Construction Company

By developing the concept that a Quality Management System is really a Business Management System, Niall was able to focus our attention on organizational weaknesses that we have now turned into strengths. We are very pleased that the consistency of our processes has improved since the implementation of our QMS.

Sean Surerus
Vice President - Surerus Pipeline Inc.
Sector: Brick and concrete products manufacturer

We have dealt with Niall over the last few decades. He was instrumental in helping us set up our first quality system in the early 1990’s. When we re-invented our quality system in 2006 he helped put together an effective system that was focused on the customer. Niall always displays professionalism and passion in his work and listens carefully to his customers delivering solutions that fit their needs.

Brad Cobbledick
Technical Director - Brampton Brick Limited
Sector: Consumer, construction and Industrial goods fabrication

Our company has successfully worked with Niall Gordon Associates for over 20 years. Niall has continued to delivery tangible and visceral results throughout all of our business endeavours. In addition to developing our Quality Management System and Culture for Quality, Niall has been a valuable consulting resource across all facets of our business. We’re fortunate to have his continued support in our growth.

Ken Vander Velden
Vice President - E.F. Walter
www.efwalter.com; www.thermagreen.ca
Sector: Textile products fabrication

Niall has consistently provided us with creative solutions for improving our Quality Management System, and we have always valued and trusted his advice. He delivers a wealth of knowledge regarding Continuous Improvement and ISO Quality Management Systems, built on years of experience in diverse industries.

Chris Emmink
Quality Manager - Albarrie Inc.
Sector: Industrial products distribution

When we decided to pursue ISO 9001 registration for Adheco Ltd, we knew that it would require a significant investment of time to establish and maintain a viable system. We found that we simply did not have the resources or expertise to perform our own internal audits, so brought in Niall Gordon to help. We have now worked with Niall for several years, and his assistance and advice has been invaluable. As part of his auditing process, Niall takes the time to identify, and document many suggestions for Improvement, and it is through these suggestions that our quality system has evolved into a very useful and cost effective tool at Adheco. We are very pleased with Niall’s contribution, and practical approach, which help keep us focused on improving our processes and our results.

Dan Davis
Adheco Ltd.
Sector: Training and Certification organization

I have had the pleasure of working with Niall for over 15 years. Niall is a gifted consultant, who has many talents. He is a natural when it comes to sitting with his clients, understanding their needs and then over achieving their expectations. Niall has many years of experience with management system implementation, process improvement and training.

In terms of his training skills, I had the pleasure of taking one of his courses and I have to say he has the ability to take dry material and make it exciting. He is one of the best instructors I have ever had. If you want to gain a better understanding of the world of Quality and ISO, Niall is the man to assist you. I highly recommend Niall for any consulting and training work."

Manager, Training
Sector: Manufacturer of corrugated printed packaging products

Niall Gordon is a qualified and experienced professional providing sound quality management methods in helping us improve our business. His approach is very effective and he works very well with people within all levels in the organization. Niall is highly recommended.

John Franciosa
PTI Packaging Technologies Inc.
Sector: Manufacturer and distributor, branded household goods

I have no hesitation recommending Niall Gordon. In my capacity as Director, Human Resources I was in charge of our company’s ISO 9001 QMS program and Niall had been hired to assist us in set-up, training and continuing maintenance of the program. Niall assisted in the preparation for our ISO audits and worked closely with our Customer Service, Warehouse and HR Department in ensuring the system was used as planned and that our Registrar Audits ran smoothly. Niall developed an auditor training program and trained our auditors. Niall was well liked and respected by both our Management and staff and was very instrumental in the success of our re-certification from the ISO 9001: 2000 standard to the 2008 version.

Director Human Resources and Quality - RDCL
Sector: Consulting organization

Niall offers a rare combination of breadth of experience and depth of subject matter expertise for implementing Quality Management Systems. Niall provided guidance to several of our clients from the public and private sectors. With his help, we succeeded in implementing ISO 9001 in a large Federal Government Agency in Canada. The entire implementation from concept to final ISO 9001 registration was accomplished in 11 months! This extraordinary achievement demonstrates Niall’s creativity, dedication, and focus on client success. He is an excellent team-builder and trainer, and knows how to get the client involved in managing change for Quality across the organization. Niall Gordon Associates is your answer if you are serious about implementing successful Quality Management Systems.

Dhanu Kothari
President - D2i Consulting
Sector: Pipeline welding services company

Dear Niall,

I can’t thank you enough for all the help you have given us over the last 12 months. With your help we have re-designed and streamlined our previous cumbersome Quality Management System and turned it into an effective tool that helps improve the management of our operations.

Your approach allowed us to achieve ISO certification while at the same time developing a system that has improved our daily operations. Your patience, focus and humour during consulting and training sessions helped immensely, and left us not only having achieved ISO certification but also left us with the motivation and tools to keep and improve it

Mark Dewey
RMS Welding Systems
Sector: Bearings and related products

Having worked with Niall over the last two years on multiple training sessions, I can say that the experience was very positive and informative. We specifically worked with him with the intent of gaining a greater understanding of the ISO 9001 standard and how it applied to our business and getting people trained on internal audits. He was always on time and well prepared, and has a vast background on QMS ideology and ISO which enabled him to answer all our questions and more! He is a very professional individual and provided us with all the material necessary for the courses. He was always willing to provide assistance with questions even after the course date, which was much appreciated. I would suggest contacting Niall for any Quality related topics and would not hesitate to use his services in the future.

Shawn Enos
Quality Coordinator - SKF Canada
Sector: Protective Clothing Manufacturer

Cleanwear Products has worked with Niall since 1993 when we made a decision to pursue ISO registration. Using a consultant to keep one on track and explain the intricacies of the applicable system is an important factor to ultimately being successful. In the beginning, ISO Registration seemed to be a daunting task for us all, but Niall made the process as simple as possible. He has the ability to work with all levels of the organization making everyone feel as though they own their part of the system. Niall’s knowledge of the ISO standards and how they can be made applicable to all organizations make him an invaluable resource for any Company considering implementing an ISO Quality Management System registration. I highly recommend Niall.

Jonathan Harris
President - Cleanwear Products Ltd.
Sector: Manufacturers of domestic, industrial and commercial water heaters, bearings and related products

I had the pleasure of working with Niall some time ago and found it to be a positively enlightening experience. He has a unique ability to interpret quality concepts and systems and communicates amongst all levels of an organization in terminology and language that is easily understood. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Niall again and would recommend the same for any organization looking for an insightful quality professional.

Doug McCallum
Quality Manager - A.O.Smith WPC Canada


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  • Glatz Theatrical Productions
  • Henry Company – waterproofing materials
  • House of Electric – product distribution
  • Hydro One - power distribution
  • Identifab – labels and tags
  • InControl – Fire Suppression
  • Independent Corrugator
  • Interstate Natural Gas Association of America - INGAA
  • J2 Products – spray colours and coatings
  • Vishay Precision – Kelk – steel mill eqt
  • Kinder Morgan - pipelines
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  • Kintetsu World Express US
  • Lakeside Controls – energy control systems
  • Linkline – NPL Canada – utility construction
  • LHB Architects
  • Maluuba Solutions – AI systems
  • Metcon – water control systems
  • Novari Health Systems
  • NVT Phybridge – communication systems
  • OJ Pipelines
  • OSM Solar
  • PTI - Packaging Technologies
  • RM Morrison – motors and drives
  • Spectra Energy
  • Sigma/ Millipore – health care products
  • RMS welding systems inc.
  • Robert B. Somerville - utility contractors
  • Rotator Products - motors and drives
  • Royal Adhesives
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  • Scepter Plastics
  • Schreiber Roofing
  • Shell Canada – fuels, chemicals
  • SKF Canada inc- bearings
  • Spectra Energy – pipelines, energy distribution
  • Sunview Door systems
  • Survalent Systems – power management systems
  • Swisa Instruments – measuring equipment
  • Sun chemicals – printing inks
  • Surerus Pipelines
  • Tech Data – computers and peripherals
  • Technical Concrete Solutions – scaffolding and forming
  • Tecsar Engineering – consulting
  • T.G. Baker – communication systems
  • Transcanada - pipelines and power
  • Toronto Research Chemicals
  • Vibtech – vibration analysis
  • Wurth – distribution and services
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