our approach

We Get Results

We understand that it can be a long and confusing journey towards ISO registration and once you get there it is a long-term commitment to staying registered. In today’s economic climate, certification to any ISO standard can make the difference between getting a lucrative contract or even keeping your existing customers. 

In many sectors, including energy and infrastructure, having a system or systems in place that meet the requirements of an ISO standard is rapidly becoming a basic requirement for suppliers or contractors who wish to be to be placed on bidder’s lists.

But beyond that, we know that after you have worked with us, you will have a better-run company, and an improved bottom line.  Management systems make good business sense when implemented and maintained properly. If you are making or have already made the investment of becoming registered, shouldn’t you see tangible results from this expense?

Our approach is based on common sense, good business practices, extensive knowledge of the processes required and a practical and straightforward approach to the work. The ISO process, both in obtaining registration and maintaining your quality management system, does not have to be complex, cumbersome and a bureaucratic nightmare.

 We work with your company to build a system that all employees can feel ownership of, which actually improves your business practices and will easily identify if things are off track.  We get our hands dirty, we dig deep and with our extensive experience in a wide range of sectors, we can offer practical industry-specific solutions.

The best way to know if we might be able to solve your problem is to talk to us. Call us at 416-931-5608; we answer our phones, we promptly return messages and  emails. We work as hard as you do and for over 30 years our clients have trusted and relied on us. We work on time, on budget and  get results. We are happy to provide references.