construction sector
assessing your subcontractors

you may have your quality systems in place, but do your partners?

our company has worked for a number of years with leading energy and infrastructure companies and related construction companies, providing guidance and to assist in conducting quality system and health and safety assessments on subcontractors and suppliers to ensure that they have the necessary protocols, controls and systems in place to meet today’s growing requirements for quality and safety management. in fact, in order to be qualified to bid on many major projects, in addition to health and safety systems, purchasers are now beginning required to provide evidence that definable quality management systems are in place.

we conduct these assessments on a wide range of providers including pipe plants, engineering, pipeline construction contractors, station construction, non-destructive testing, coating and painting, electrical, general construction and mechanical and electrical contractors.

health & safety and financial assessments

today’s approach to managing the risks associated with energy, infrastructure and related activities also includes a health and safety component and a review of financial performance and controls.

with the same onsite in-depth assessment expertise in relation to quality, we are pleased to provide the same level of service and experience to conduct in depth and objective assessments related to health & safety and finance.

the financial assessment provides you with a detailed financial analysis of the subcontractor/supplier. this analysis could include or be limited to all or any of the following financial risk components:
  • liquidity risk
  • funding/financing risk
  • commodity risk
  • exchange rate risk

this analysis would address issues such as the following:

subcontractor/supplier financing
  • how much operational reliance is there on accounts payable/ receivable?
  • have they extended too much credit to others?
  • how reliant are they on banks/capital markets to fund their operation?
  • what is the maturity of their borrowings?

overall leverage
  • is the supplier reliant on commodities?
  • how do they manage their commodity supplies?
  • what is their exposure to commodity prices?
  • will it put their ability to continue supplying goods in danger?

exposure to foreign exchange risk
  • how do they manage that risk?

insurance risk
  • does the company have suitable insurance coverage for various occurrences that lead to business stoppage?

why hire us?

with a single team of experts, we manage all aspects of the assessment. this leaves your employees free to do their jobs, saves you time and money using one specialized firm instead of multiple stand alone experts, and we provide you with a single comprehensive report - not multiple stand-alone and potentially contradictory reports. our assessment services are used not only for new construction, but for all other subsequent subcontract activities, including maintenance, remediation, upgrades, expansions and emergency work.